Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finally Unlocked My iPhone

I've been living in Bangkok for three months now, and today I finally got around to hunting down an unlock iPhone service so I can use my phone for something other than surfing the net on my apartment wifi.

It's weird how accustomed I've become to not using my cell phone.  For the last few months I've rediscovered pay phones, knocking on doors or just not staying in touch with people.  Where everyone I've ever met used to be a call away I've now found myself going half way across the city to visit someone by surprise, often finding they're not home and having to come all the way back.

And it sucked.  Don't let anyone tell you that we should go back to the good old days without cell phones.  The ability to get in touch with your friends and family is fantastic, and there's no way I'm ever going back to my pre-phone days.

What's even better is the fact that I can now download all the apps I've been craving for months.  For some reason iTunes won't let me download apps, but now my iPhone is unlocked I can get them from elsewhere.  Score!

What's more, while I was getting my iPhone fixed the guy told me he offered a jailbreak iPod service, so I threw that in too.  More apps wallpapers and music for me!  I've not been happier in a loooooong time.

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  1. I know how frustrating is not being able to unlock or jailbreak the iPhone if you have updated the iOS, I wanted to install this sportsbook mobile app on my iPhone through Cydia, but I had to jailbreak it first and I couldn't do it till last week