Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Gemini Personality

A few friends and I had an interesting chat about astrology last night over a sneaky bottle of wine in a back alley.

Wait, that sounds weird.  Lemme back up a little.

Right now I'm living with my girlfriend in Bangkok, Thailand, where we're waiting out the long, cold Mongolian winter before returning to work in June.  This week is Thai new year, and through the whole week alcohol is prohibited in a pointless effort to prevent the hundreds of drink driving deaths that usually come with the festive season.  I say pointless because those who want to drink won't allow a half hearted ban stop them, and there are more than a few idiots in this country who will happily drive drunk.

Anyway, a couple of friends from the northern city of Chiang Mai were visiting yesterday, so we found a bar willing to serve us provided we hid from the cops in the alley beside the bar.  OK, that still sounds a little weird, but anyway...

Our little group was fairly diverse.  We had one deeply Christian American friend, one Thai Buddhist, one Mongolian Shamanist and me, the token staunch non-religious member of the group.  By the time the first bottle was almost empty we'd reached the subject of astrology, and it turned out that not only were all four of us Gemini, but three of us were firm believers in our horoscopes, with me being the only hold out.

Now I always make it quite clear that I don't personally believe in astrology for a second.  I don't believe in anything, really, apart from the fact that there are good people, bad people and folks somewhere in the middle, and all of them can have good and bad days.  Saying that, I did find it a little funny when we worked out that all four of us show traits of Gemini personalities.

We're all social butterflies, and from the day we arrived in this country we all built a huge network of friends from south to north.  We're all a little capricious and restless - hell, only one of us lives in the country of our birth, and all four of use have lived in at least three countries in the last five years.  Finally, all four of us are writers.  My girlfriend and my Thai friend are both journalists with national newspapers, my American friend writes enormously popular books about massage, and me?  Well, I make a pretty good sideline in erotic novels.

It's a little odd that all four of us share these personality traits that seem to fit so closely with the model of an average Gemini.  Am I beginning to believe?  No.  It's a little funny, though...

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