Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fun or Common Sense?

So it looks as if I'll soon be escaping from my year long financial drought.  I finally secured a new job after losing my old one last May, and I'm happy to say that even in this terrible economic climate I've managed to wangle a bit of a salary bump.  After losing my job last year I never thought I'd find anything in the same ballpark, salarywise, so it's a pleasant surprise to learn I'll be earning even more.

To celebrate my new found wealth I plan to buy something I really don't need.  A year of living on my savings and buying only absolute essentials has left me with a desire to blow a little cash on frivolity, but I can't quite figure out what to buy.  My first thought was to pick up one of these inflatable boats.  I've always wanted to mess around on the water, and at $599 for a 2.7 metre inflatable it's finally within reach.

On the other hand, I could also use one of the many rowing machines Australia has to offer.  My last year has been pretty damned sedentary, and I'd love to have a little workout equipment at home to try to regain my old shape.  Now I can see a future ahead of me I'm realising that I want to live through it without a beer gut, so I need to get off my ass right away.

So, the random fun of an inflatable boat or the sensible pragmatism of a rowing machine?   Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I know what it is having a long financial drought, I lost my job last summer too and I have tried to get a new good job, but the economic situation is difficult. I fortunately found this opportunity about becoming a bookie and now I have some earning to pay my bills and have some fun too. Good luck on your new job bro!